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Rashtriya Military schools in India are renowned institutions that prepare young boys for careers in the Indian Armed Forces.

RMS Coaching Online 2023-24

The thought of appearing for the RMS(Rashtriya Military School ) entrance test may make your little champ feel overwhelmed. We at Sukhoi Academy aim to nurture the students’ knowledge at the foundation level and prepare them to do wonders in their defense careers. The proper guidance and regular practice help them unlock the possibilities of achieving great success.

Our extensive RMS coaching prepares your child for the written exam and guides them throughout the selection process. Our RMS coaching starts with effective planning, and everything is covered step-by-step. It hardly matters whether your child is a weak student or a bright one regular practice makes them proficient in each subject. Gradually, when they become  capable of solving all of the questions on their own, their self-confidence naturally increases. Since we strictly follow the exam pattern of RMS CET from the beginning, it becomes easier for the students to complete the whole test within the given time. For the convenience of your little champs, we offer RMS coaching online and offline.

We have a proven record of bagging most seats in Sainik School, RMS, and RIMS entrance exams. Our students have scored good percentages and ranks for the last several years.


  • Working on weak areas of each student to help overcome the uneasiness in the exam.
  • Giving equal attention to every student.
  • Using effective methodologies to make students understand the concepts at the core level.
  • Making the students practice more and more assignments so that students can get familiar with different topics of each subject
  • Organizing daily quizzes and vocab-building sessions.
  • Mock Test Practice on the real exam pattern.


RMS CET is a fully automated OMR-based examination where the written test will be based on the syllabus of class V standard for class VI admission and class VIII standard for class IX admission. The RMS entrance test for class VI is divided into 4 sections -English (50 marks) (Candidate is required to qualify in this test. English Marks are not counted towards Merit), Intelligence Test (50 marks), Mathematics (50 marks), and General Knowledge & Current Affairs (50 marks). There are a total of 180 questions in RMS CET carrying 200 marks. The minimum percentage to qualify for the test is 35% for English and 40% for Mathematics, General Knowledge, and Intelligence Test The CET written exam for class IX is divided into two papers – Paper 1 & Paper 2. Paper 1 comprises three subjects – English (50 marks), Hindi (20 marks), and Social Science (30 marks), and Paper 2 includes two subjects Maths (50 marks) and Science (50 marks). The qualifying mark for each paper is 50%.


Those candidates who qualify in the written test and short-listed, are called for the interview at one of the Rashtriya Military Schools. The marks obtained in the interview gets added to the score of the written test before making the final merit list.


Sukhoi Academy understands what it takes to crack the RMS entrance exam. So, they provide Rashtriya Military School coaching that instills those capabilities and virtues in the students from the beginning.
Our RMS coaching online and offline program starts with the very basic and goes to a highly advanced level. The faculty at Sukhoi Academy constitutes ex-defense officials, experienced trainers, and subject specialists who clear up students’ doubts during the class and make them complete a series of testing modules. The live and visualized classes and national-level mock tests practice upgrade students’ performance for the actual exam. Sukhoi Academy prepares students for Rashtriya Military Schools exams. Students can contact us for Rashtriya Military Schools coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Sukhoi Academy is a coaching institute that specializes in providing coaching for competitive exams, including the RMS entrance exam.

Ans: Yes, Sukhoi Academy offers coaching specifically for the RMS entrance exam, catering to the needs of students preparing for Classes VI and IX.

Ans: The coaching program at Sukhoi Academy typically covers all the relevant subjects for the RMS entrance exam, including Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, and Intelligence. It also includes mock tests, practice exercises, and guidance from experienced faculty.

Ans: No, Sukhoi Academy is an independent coaching institute and is not affiliated with Rashtriya Military Schools. However, it provides coaching to help students prepare for the RMS entrance exam.

Ans: Yes, Sukhoi Academy offers both online and offline coaching options for the RIMC entrance exam, providing flexibility to students based on their preferences and convenience.

Ans: Sukhoi Academy’s online coaching for the RIMC entrance exam typically includes live virtual classes, recorded video lectures, online study materials, practice exercises, mock tests, doubt-solving sessions, and personalized guidance from experienced faculty.

Ans: Some benefits of opting for online coaching at Sukhoi Academy for the RIMC entrance exam may include the convenience of studying from anywhere, flexibility in scheduling, access to recorded lectures for revision, and personalized attention from experienced faculty.

Ans: Some benefits of opting for offline coaching at Sukhoi Academy for the RIMC entrance exam may include face-to-face interaction with faculty, in-person doubt-solving sessions, peer learning opportunities, and a structured learning environment.

Ans: Yes, the syllabus and coaching content for the RIMC entrance exam at Sukhoi Academy are typically the same for both online and offline coaching options, ensuring that students receive comprehensive preparation regardless of the mode of coaching.

Ans: Sukhoi Academy provides access to online coaching for the RIMC entrance exam through their online learning platform, which may include live virtual classes, recorded video lectures, and other online resources. Detailed instructions for accessing the online coaching will be provided by Sukhoi Academy upon enrollment.

Ans: Depending on the policies and availability of Sukhoi Academy, it may be possible to switch from online to offline coaching or vice versa during the coaching program. It’s best to inquire directly with Sukhoi Academy for their specific policies and procedures regarding such requests.

Ans: To enroll for the RIMC entrance exam coaching at Sukhoi Academy, you can visit their website,www.sukhoiacademy.com/” or contact them through the provided contact information to inquire about the admission process, fees, and other details for both online and offline coaching options.

Ans: Yes, Sukhoi Academy may offer additional support services such as study materials, online resources, tips on time management, exam strategies, and interview preparation, regardless of the coaching mode.

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